Lyrics to Space and Confetti


 My eyes are open but my heart is empty, Lost my way of coping when I'm feeding the frenzy.

To the spirit that sent me please take me I'm ready, bring me to the place full of space and confetti...

Now my eyes are closed but  my heart is open and I suppose there's just no use in hopin',

only creation in motion the flow of the ocean, the jewel in the lotus and the lotus unfoldin'...


   So remember who you are, remember you're perfect. Let the spirit emerge and return to the surface.

If you're tired of searching be found in the now, awaken your centers and forget the know how

but don't forget to slow down cuz life moves too fast! Shit is gone in a flash and you're stuck looking back.

Wishing you had just a little more time to experience this world, to explore through one mind

and all of its glory, the wish and the wonder, the sunrise in the morning,

the rain and the thunder bringing peace to your thought,

the rain and the thunder bringing peace to your thought....